• About us

Paysages du Sud is a purely Algerian travel agency based in Tamanrasset. We offer trips in small groups. 

We are a professional team boasting of a wide experience in the organization of Saharan expeditions across different regions of South Algeria and know the desert like the back of our hands. Our team is composed of local and competent guides, camel/mule drivers, cooks, 4WD drivers who are always concerned about the well-being of our clients. We do everything in our power to make your stay an unforgettable experience, away from daily routine. When selecting our tours we are always considerate of the ecological fragility and cultural and natural heritage.


During your trip you will be accompanied by Tuareg people, an ideal opportunity for you to discover and appreciate their philosophy of life. Most of our guides have a perfect knowledge of the French language and a reasonable knowledge of the English language. If you want the services of a guide mastering the German language, please let us know in advance. We offer unusual and fascinating itineraries (hiking tours, camel tours, 4WD tours, MTB tours).

An immersion into the Algerian desert is above all:

  • A discovery of a unique flora and fauna, of a rich and ancient culture, of a great diversity in landscapes.

  • An opportunity to find silence, peace, be completely disconnected from the world in a place out of the ordinary.

  • A trip back in time (paintings and rock carvings).

  • An encounter with the Tuareg - brave, hospitable, generous people, discover their lifestyle, their daily difficulties in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • An encounter with yourself ...