• Between Tamanrasset and Djanet

4WD tour from Tamanrasset to Djanet 

  • Period : 1 to 2 weeks.
  • First week: Tamanrasset - Djanet
  • Second week: Tamanrasset - Djanet - Tamanrasset
  • Accomodation: bivouac.

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Wikipedia about Tamanrasset

Wikipedia about Djanet

The city of Tamanrasset is located in the southwest of the Hoggar Mountains. This area is rich in archaeological sites. Tamanrasset is the capital of the Hoggar. It covers an area of ​​556,000 km2. In spite of its geographical position, Tamanrasset enjoys a fairly soft and moderate climate, thanks to its altitude (1395 m). The temperatures range from 4 ° to 9 ° in winter and 26 ° to 38 ° C in summer.


Djanet: is a beautiful and peaceful oasis, built at the foot of the Tassili in an alluvial valley. It consists of palm groves and Ksours. Despite its altitude (1094 m) it is sheltered from the wind. Djanet enjoys a mild climate in winter, it can be very hot in summer though. The ridges encircling wadi Djanet and the palm forests attract photographers and fans of beautiful scenery. Every year the people of Djanet (Kel-Djanet) meet to celebrate the Sebeiba. The word Sebeiba means "fights" and it is a festival of fights by the Tuareg people, known as great warriors in the past. The two districts of Djanet compete each other for the dance of warriors as well as for the songs of women encouraging warriors.