• Tassili Immidir, the forgotten Tassili

Trek with camels in the forgotten Tassili

  • Period: from one week to 12 days.
  • First day: transfer in 4WD vehicles from Tamanrasset to the meeting place with the camel drivers and their camels. The last day: return to Tamanrasset in 4WD vehicles
  • Accomodation: bivouac.
  • You carry a small rucksack to store personal stuff you may need for the day.

Please contact us for a detailed description.We also refer to section "type of tours".



The Tassili Immidir, surrounding the Hoggar, is an almost impenetrable sandstone citadel. It is not a sand dune area, but a "country" covered with rocks, gorges, high cliffs,large stony plateaus. It is a region where you may still discover new cave paintings. Deep canyons, stone forests, secret gueltas ...:this is one of the last terra incognita of the Sahara. Its flora is exceptional, Mouflons and gazelles find a peaceful refuge in this mountain chain.