• Wonders of the Tassili Hoggar

Trek supported by 4WD vehicles 


  • Period: 7 to 12 days
  • Level: hikes of an average of 4 hours a day in sand dunes and plains covered with bizarre shapes of sandstone.
  • Site of rock art and engravings.
  • The first and last day of the tour are entirely spent in 4WD vehicles (6 to 7 hours by car). There will be several small breaks and a larger lunch break.
  • Accomodation: bivouac
  • You carry a small rucksack to store personal stuff you may need for the day

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The Tassili Ahaggar is located about 300 km south-east of Tamanrasset "capital of the Hoggar".

It is a sandstone escarpment of over 900 km forming a large bowl. 5000 years ago, this whole area was a popular hunting area.

Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful places in the Sahara where the wind has shaped surreal sculptures ! The huge sandstone towers are created by erosion of the Saharan plateaus.

The Tassili Hoggar is known for the beauty of its landscapes. A trip to the Tassili Hoggar is entering an amazing universe that will capture your imagination...


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